Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{Post 1,051} Sewing Table Today

So happy that I did about 35 minutes of "walking at home" this AM.  It takes me a long time to cool down.  I walk in my sewing room to a DVD.  While I'm doing that, my eyes wander to all types of projects to do/start/complete/progress on/plan.  While I was cooling down, I sewed a few more strips sets for my Tree of Life blocks.

I squeezed in a few minutes later to complete the centers of two identical tops that I will be selling later.

Here is my sewing table a few minutes ago, with explanation to follow:

Clockwise, starting at the back left corner is my HQ bobbin winder, then my plastic spinach box lid with my Tree of Life block parts in it.  Then my two bobbin holders--machine quilting thread on the bottom, regular on the top tier.  My iPod speakers, my orange water spray bottle for the iron to the right (out of the picture), and two stray pieces of binding that need to be put in the leftover binding drawer.

On my mini ironing board (with the blue striped cover) are two quilt tops I will be selling after they are complete...hopefully before Thanksgiving!!

The spoon handle sticking out from under the ironing board?  No idea :)



Janet O. said...

Bobbin winder, bobbin holders, spray bottle--all looks very familiar (but my spray bottle is purple).
Now I need to get a spinach lid from the fridge and grab a spoon and we could almost be twins. I ride a stationary bike in my sewing room each morning. : )

julieQ said...

Really cool trees!! Need to make these!!