Saturday, February 25, 2012

{Post #919} HQ Frame

Used my HQ frame for the first time last night.  The machine glides soooo effortlessly on it that I nearly pitched it out the window on my first attempt.  After I got a grip, it was a breeze.  I have been using smoky monofilament thread for the last few quilts I did and just changed it out for a wheat color.  Thought all was well until I advanced the quilted part and saw what the back looked like:

Here is a shot looking down the quilt while it's on the frame:

I unsewed all the quilting once I saw the tension was horrid.  Thankfully that is really easy because all you have to do is pull out the bobbin thread and then pluck off the top thread.  I am also really glad that I started with such a small project so I didn't have that much unsewing to do.

I sewed the shams together with a tiny seam to make them one continuous piece to quilt.  The white on the top sham is the sun.  Remember the sun?  Hahaha...

Just got two cheap pillows to put in these, so I'm off to go down and add the backings and make the binding for the outer edges.  See ya!



Sis-O said...

So how did you solve the tension problem. I just had the same problem trying to FMQ on my conventional sewing machine. The tension worked fine on the practice quilt sandwich but when i put the actual quilt into the machine i had the loose thread on the back. Thank you.

Leeanne said...

looks great, glad you are getting to know your 'new friend'.