Tuesday, August 7, 2012

{Post 1,031} Christmas Quilt Bound, Washed, and Dried

What a sense of satisfaction.  My Christmas quilt is bound, washed, and dried.  We're just waiting for the Thanksgiving leftovers to be put away to put it on the bed for the holidays ;)

I had the quilt on our bed to check for fit, and my husband told me he never gets tired of Christmas decorations...we could have them up all year.  I never knew he liked them so much.  He said, "Of course, we'd have to keep getting new trees!"  

On the the pillow shams!!


Anonymous said...

I love the quilting in the border. I can see it well in the picture and it is very fitting. The wreath work in the main blocks looks lovely as well.

Love the art show post. It is always amazing to see the talent of others!!

Ruth said...

Your quilt is lovely! It will be wonderful to put on your bed for Christmas!

Michelle said...

Just beautiful. The quilting looks awesome too!

Leeanne said...

Beautiful...lovely quilting!