Friday, February 10, 2012

{Post #906} HQ Frame & Florabunda

Since I still had my watercolor fabrics out, I decided to cut as many strips for my Florabunda quilt as I reasonably could.  I cut enough for 28 more blocks (already have 8 pieced).  There seems to be a lot of black background fabrics, so I want to sew these up and see what colors I want to add more of.

I don't have more than 3 of any one fabric, and they are not all matched up with the same "neutral".  I then subcut the triangles with my Easy Angle ruler.  It goes so fast during the piecing if you put your strips right sides together and not disturb them until they are sewn.  

As usual, after cutting a bunch of fabric, I can barely tell that the original stack shrunk at all.  I also made some cuts for a scrappy bargello quilt using some of these same prints (I am using 2" x 12-1/2" strips for that).  I wanted to use up the print if it just had one more strip in it.

Here are 28 blocks in a stack, ready to sew:

Isaac hurt his knee.  It is his laundry day.  I didn't want him going up and down the steps, so I did his laundry for him (which was a reason I was downstairs and able to sew some before supper).  I finished sewing the units for the Florabunda in the nick of time to make supper...Broccoli Pasta Soup, one of our favorites.

Here is the pile under my sewing table.  After supper I am going to press and subcut 4-patch units while I watch a movie.

Does that look like 28 nine-inch blocks to YOU?

Here are the long-awaited boxes.  Although I did some cleaning up in the garage in anticipation of moving my Little Gracie frame out there, it might be another week or so before the HQ frame is assembled and ready to use.  I can easily distract myself with other happenings though.


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Ruth said...

Can you send me, or post, the broccoli soup recipe? It sounds good. We have been eating lots more vegetables (per Live to Eat) but not excluding some meat and I am looking for good recipes. Thanks in advance.