Friday, February 10, 2012

{Post #905} Highway Hearts

This modern technology!  So much to have to learn.  I emailed myself this picture from the parking lot of the flea marker from my phone.  Rachel and I go over nearly every Friday from 9 AM until she sells all her muffins and brownies.  Those who haven't gotten hot chocolate or coffee by then are just out of luck.

This is my Highway Hearts quilt.  Most of it has been sewn on the road or asphalt!  I will check later to see how much hand quilting remains, but I know I'm 3 motifs closer to being finished than I was before this AM.  The lighting has been perfect in our vehicle lately.  It's bright, but slightly overcast...perfect for hand quilting.

Looking back at my blog, I realized that I started cutting and piecing this about a year ago.  It has been to Ohio and Florida numerous times.  The stories this quilt could tell.  Several specific memories are piecing 18 blocks in a hotel room while my husband attended meetings in FL while I suffered with a sinus infection, quilting at Emily's kitchen table in between washing the mud-mixing tools for Nate at 2 AM, and hand quilting in my parents "Florida room" in Ohio (which is ironic because that's where most of the real work took place--in Florida).  That leads me to explain my blog.  It's a journal for me.  I am grateful for those ladies I have gotten to know through it (hi, Julie!), but it's is a journal of events, quilts, daily happenings, etc.  It's nice to be able to look back on it from time to time.

I had to make a quick trip home for Rachel for some items she forgot to pack, and THE UPS TRUCK WAS IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE when I got there.  My HQ frame is 5 big boxes (pictures to come later).  I am so blessed to have the room and money for this big ma'am-moo...

Bonnie posted pictures of her Florabunda quilt blocks this AM.  Mine are the opposite of hers.  Drat!  But I have 8 blocks made and there is no turning back.  Her neutral is yellow.  Mine is light florals because I'm not a yellow fan (to each her own, eh?).  Her main color is the chain, mine is the light color.  But at least I was consistent!

Off to get some lunch and then check schoolwork, etc.  Typical day in my life.


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Me and My Stitches said...

I hope Rachel had great sales (I'm sure she did) and glad that you were productive (you always are!).