Sunday, October 2, 2011

{Post #821} SOK and Quilt Show

I am only 5-1/2 rows away and 7/8 of the border from having my Seeds of Kindness quilt finished.  I worked on it a little tonight, then I went down to sew on one of my surprise projects for about 30 minutes.

My husband whisked me away to attend the Asheville Quilt Show this past Friday.  We had a lovely time.  He is the best.  True story.

I am going to share a couple quilts every time I post.  I only took photos of the ones I liked something about.  Thirty-nine in all.  Some have more than one picture.  Here are a couple of favorites.

This first one was called "Daniel's Colors".  It was made by Daniel's mother's friend.  Daniel's favorite colors were red, white, and blue.  He never saw the quilt because he gave his life in service for our country.  Yes, I cried when I read that.  The workmanship and design in this are marvelous.  The second shows a close-up of some of the exquisite machine quilting.  It was hand appliqued.

I love feathered stars.  I made one block once.  The following scrappy red feathered star also has remarkable workmanship.  The piecing is nearly perfect!  The center of each star is a different pattern.  The stars between the blocks have appliqued leaf shapes around them.  I wonder how many hours this took to make?

When I made my feathered star, I was going to make a queen-sized quilt.  After one block, I decided it would make a nice wall hanging (the ONE block, that is!).


Ruth said...

Both quilts are awesome! Thanks for showing them. I doubt I will ever make a feathered star.

Me and My Stitches said...

Wow! These are both wonderful quilts - love the centers of the feathered star!