Thursday, September 29, 2011

{Post #820} One Blossom Made

What a difference the flash makes!  The top picture was taken without flash, and the bottom was taken with flash.

This is the "flower" I hand pieced this AM.  After it was mostly finished, I looked up some pictures of Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts.  I found a color arrangement I like a lot better, so this is going to become a candle mat.  This worked up very quickly.

I am concerned that the batting would peek through on a bed quilt, so I might satisfy my desire for one of these by making a wall hanging instead of a throw or bed quilt. 

The English paper piecing method ends up with the seams appearing to be pressed open, which allows tiny spaces between the stitches (even though my stitches were very close together).  So a wall hanging is a better idea, IMHO.  The block pictured measures 8-3/4" from one side to the other.



Leeanne said...

Pretty block. I can only say that I have recently bought a Grandmothers Garden quilt that dates back to the 1930' is a very big quilt, but shows no signs of the batting peeking through...only where it is thread bear from love and use and that isn't necessarily in the seams.Not sure if this helps.

Kerri said...

I just started a gfg project too. Have you been to I am handpiecing with my pieces cut from inklingo printed on wrong side of fabric. I am doing a running stitch without templates, and the blocks are turning out like regular pieced blocks. The printing of the stitch line makes it very accurate, with one step.