Friday, October 7, 2011

{Post #825} Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll

While at the Asheville, NC quilt show last weekend with my husband, I saw this from afar and barely restrained myself from veering off the "path" of quilts to view to run over and see and photograph it.  The pattern was a mystery quilt from my friend, Bonnie Hunter.  I was so disappointed that the maker did not credit Bonnie with the pattern.  That was just wrong!!

Here are seven pictures of the quilt, starting with the whole thing, then giving close up shots.

I've been piecing my latest secret project.  If you are not a family member and want the URL to find it, email me at for the location.  Until then...


PS:  Bonnie emailed me and said that sometimes the quilt show forms leave off a space for the quilt design or designer, so it was most likely not left off by the maker.  I'm glad to hear that!!  I felt bad for her.

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Leah S said...

Chances are the quilter didn't have room or understanding what Bonnie means to a lot of people. I mean... somebody could put up a "Yellow Brick Road" quilt, and I'd know what they're talking about. They could also put up a quilt by "Atkinson Designs" and I'd be like "what? I don't know what pattern that is, or who the pattern maker is." I actually had to look up the pattern maker of YBR. I really had no idea until now.

I think it's great that she included Bonnie's quilt name, and a quick google will bring people to Bonnie's site. :)