Tuesday, October 4, 2011

{Post #823} My Birthday Post

No, today is not my birthday.  8/23 is my birthday.  Just so you can start planning for next year ;)

Here is the progress on my Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks.  The original larger red one was repurposed to a candle mat.  I have it pinned and ready to applique onto a backing. 

I took Elisabeth to the doctor this AM.  Her asthma is flaring up, which it rarely does.  When we arrived at the doc's, I only had the purple blossom finished.  It didn't seem like we were waiting that long, but I added the 4 green hexies and the blue blossom while we waited.  These do stitch up quite quickly. 

To give a size comparison, there is a picture with my hand.  I also am showing the back.  When Susie and I went to Franklin to see Bonnie, Bonnie sewed one hexie while she was sitting with me during show and tell.  That was all the tutorial I needed.  Basically, you baste the sides down and then use shallow stitches to sew the hexies to each other.  I got some cardstock-thickness hexies at Mary Jo's last week to give this a whirl.

Here you go...

After a hexie is completely surrounded with others, one may remove the paper inside.  That's why the outer edge of my piece still has the paper in there.


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Me and My Stitches said...

Love them! I just started making hexies using Paper Pieces - I'm doing the 3/8" - they are so cute.