Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hand Quilting

Here is my row quilt...I am hand quilting it. This is how much I have finished so far. I am starting on the next row. Below I am showing one block.

Here is a block from the next row. I have hand quilted it. To show you the difference the quilting makes, the second shot is a side-by-side of the quilted block and an unquilted one. The large yellow stitching is the basting stitches.

I am leaving the Grandmother's Flower Garden for a car project. I am eager to have it done, but am taking advantage of the time to hand quilt for the next couple days.


julieQ said...

Your quilt is so beautiful, Joan!! Just my style, I really like it. Your hand quilting is really wonderful. I am answering you this way to your query about my blue and yellow is from a pattern, but I have changed things around a little, just 'cause...have a super day!

MARCIE said...

Very nice! I just love that little tree all framed up! And such nice hand quilting too!