Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Barn Raising Log Cabin Wall Hanging

This little "barn raising" log cabin is about 27" square. I am finished machine quilting this except for the outside border. I don't know when I need it yet, but I'm trying something new...having something ready early!! This will be a wedding shower gift, but I'm not sure when the shower will be.

I used smoky brown filament (invisible thread) in the colored parts of the blocks, quilting straight diagonal lines. I used a variegated cream/taupe/light brown in a meandering pattern in all the cream areas.

This is date night for hubby and I, so I have to stop sewing now. Toodles.



Audrey said...

Oh, "Yes!!!!"

Elizabeth said...

I do believe this looks familiar! And the "Sara" in the picture name is very familiar, too..... :-)

To the curious, I must say that these quilts look even better in person. I've been privileged to see 3 of these blogged quilts in person within the last 6 weeks, and they're gorgeous!!