Friday, March 5, 2010

Progress on Bull's Eye

My Bull's Eye buddy came over for a couple hours last night. We finished about 15 more blocks, which means 30 more units for each of us. We are a little over halfway with completed units and have a few backgrounds and circles cut out as well.

I made a stacking error when I put things away a couple months ago. I thought I had over 180 units (we need 252 each). When my friend arrived, we remembered that she left some of her blocks here (not a good realization). She only brought 50-some with her. After we straightened things out, we both had 91. But after last night's time, we have 131 each.

My design wall is layered with several quilt tops and pieces...the bottom-most layer is my spool quilt, then my Seeds of Kindness, and then this, made by my Susanna.

Off to another fun-filled day.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Joan! Just stopping your blog to see what you've been up to lately. My, you've been busy! I am so inspired by your work. I'm going to add a spool quilt to my to do list. It looks so easy, but so fun. I'll add the apple core one to my list once I get over my fear of curves. :)
We haven't traveled much this winter, so I've been able to do some sewing. My not-even-two-year-old machine died about a month ago, and it was going to cost a pretty penny to repair it. Turns out, a family in our church had a Elna with a cabinet they were trying to find a good home for. I think they were happier to give it than I was to get it! Then someone anonymously paid to have my "old" machine repaired! Just like our great God to provide above what we could ask or think!!
:) Debbie Surrett