Saturday, March 6, 2010

30 Bull's Eye Blocks Sewn Together

It was just me and my two youngest sons home last night, so since they consider Fridays "computer night", I considered it "make-two-more-blocks-and-sew-all-these-pieces-into-one" night. Here is what I have now. It's good to get an idea of the size and see how much more I want to make. This will make it easier to handle. I am going to make 7 by 9 bull's eyes, so I am well on my way. My partner in this quilt emailed me last night that she has most (if not all by now) of the large and medium-sized circles cut out.

Today is my wash day (everyone has an assigned day...a necessity in a house with 9 people). That means I've been up and down the steps a lot.

I've been cooking/baking all AM. This is my put my feet up and rest break. I cooked two whole chickens for soup. The broth from the cooked chicken is extraordinaire for soup. Made brown rice while the chicken cooked. Also made iced tea for tomorrow's lunch. Then I made two new recipes for our adult Sunday school snack time....cranberry/orange scones and a chocolate chip/coconut/pecan coffee cake. Oops...forgot I made 4 baguettes of whole wheat French bread in there somewhere.

Now that the chicken is cool, it's back to work for me. Down to hand up one last load of clothes then make a Texas sheet cake and crock pot mashed potatoes for the troops.

~Joan, who daily thinks about how much time we could save if we didn't need to plan, shop, prepare, eat, and clean up food



Audrey said...

I know that the instructions for this one are on your site "somewhere". I promise to revist them "one day". I think this is a fascinating technique.

As always - a delight to the eyes.

Annette said...

Amen! and Amen! again.
I am ashamed to admit that when my husband and son are away on weekends with their scout troop, my daughters and I pretty much fend for ourselves and only eat when we're hungry. The table is taken over with sewing and projects which all are reluctantly put away when the weekend ends.
I am envious of your sewing area!
I've been reading for a while and love your blog and your quilts.
Have a blessed week!