Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Progress on K's Quilt

I am about 2/3 finished quilting my sister's daughter's quilt. After the whole thing is finished, I will post a picture.

See the batting hanging down? That is how much more quilt top I have to finish, less a couple inches. So it looks like about 48" more out of over 100" to start.


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Audrey said...

You're so clever! I've seen a long-arm at the quilt shop where I bought my Pfaff, but I've never seen a work-in-progress.

I believe that long-arms are quite expensive to buy - unless making quilts in bulk as you do. I also hear that it's quite expensive to have a quilt quilted, so I guess it wouldn't take long to pay for itself.

Hope everyone's well again soon. There's got to be a more fun way for you to get quilting-time!!