Saturday, January 9, 2010

Steps and Stars...20 Blocks Strong

Finished a few more blocks last night so I could see a larger portion of this quilt. I really like it, especially when I squint a little!! I like the way the stars look like squares on point because the tans blend in with them. Then the other stars are surrounded by a jaggedy dark box on point. Quilters understand this, right??

There are 17 star blocks total for the size I am making. I am cutting these from one strip of 6" wide fabric, which leaves me with a couple logs for the steps blocks to boot...makes it all match a little more. The cream star backgrounds are all the same.

Saw two more projects I want to make soon in a fabric catalog this AM. I need to stop looking. I want to make a table runner for my secret sister from church. I have some units ready, so that shouldn't be a problem. Stay tuned!



Suzy said...

It's turning out great! :o)

Gypsy Quilter said...

Great colors!