Thursday, January 14, 2010

Steps and Stars...All Blocks Finished

Here are my blocks laid out the way I want them. The only thing I did with the layout was made sure that the light blue logs weren't near each other and that no two same-color star blocks were neighbors. I might make a few more changes, but I'm happy with this. After a 5" border, it will measure around 60" x 80".

In more quilt-related news, I pieced, washed, dried, and ironed a flannel backing for my Grass is Greener quilt. It's a beautiful Thimbleberries light green.

The reason I like blogging is that it is a journal for ME. I can look back at the progress of my projects in living color!! I just realized that I never posted a picture of the completed Grass is Greener quilt. I used the same darker green as the sashing for the inner border, then used my favorite (now out of print) Thimbleberries medium green for the outer border. The blocks for that were so much easier than I would have thought they were.

Before I even get a quilt finished and bound, I start piecing two or three more. Is it possible I need therapy??

~Joan, who really doesn't want an answer to that question.


Gypsy Quilter said...

Wonderful . . mahhhvelous . . and very lovely.

Audrey said...

Your Steps and Stars looks GREAT, Joan.
And I'm heartened to hear that your Grass is Greener is going to have a "light" coloured backing (I think that's what you mean.) For my Iced Coffee, which has fallen into inactivity during the heat, I purchased a lightish fabric, and then panicked that it might be TOO light. Maybe I'll talk to Lizzie, when I go to Port Lincoln, about putting a medium/dark border/binding on it to make the division between back and front.
'hope the ailing-ones are on the mend.