Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's This? Something Quilt-y??

I feel like my life has turned upside down in regards to my free time since the beginning of this year. I've made a few changes that have nearly robbed me blind of free time.

This past Sunday, I started not feeling real well about 4:30 PM. By Monday I was so ill with a sinus infection and ear infections that my DH had to drive me to a doctor's office. Thank God I could get an appointment that same day. As a NEW patient, too! I got two shots (I can't remember ever getting a shot) that day as well as antibiotics and steroids for the infections as well as a super-duper dose of a prescription decongestant. I am feeling much better today, but am now at the coughing stage. Boo!!

All that to say that I stayed home from church tonight. Our mid-week services are such a blessing. The singing is just glorious. Since I stayed home, however, I was able to sew on 3 of the 4 flying geese triangle borders on my fall quilt. It's been soooo long since I worked on it that I forgot the name of the pattern. It's Fall Festival. You can see a picture as it appeared in a magazine and caught my eye here. If you want to see my progress on it, click on "fall festival" at the bottom of this post (in green letters beside "labels") to see all posts relating to it.

Happy clicking,

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Gypsy Quilter said...

Really love that quilt. Sure hope you feel all better soon!