Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Attention--New Quilt Project Underway

There it is...at the top right corner. No--not the table runner...the fall throw beside it. Ah, yes! This one!! I started piecing one of these today. Yes--that's right. I was really and truly sewing today. This picture is from the spring/summer 2007 Quilt Sampler magazine. It's my laundry day (stuck downstairs near the laundry room, so I make the best of it and hang out in the sewing room as much as possible) plus my DH took oldest daughter to work this AM, netting me an extra hour. I remember sewing (said in a dreamy voice). I have the picket fence and bottom row of pumpkins pieced and sewn together. I also have about half of the 9-patches sewn together. I'm in the process of cutting out all the leaves, stars, and flying geese for the outside border (out of many scraps, of course), so I'll cut the scraps into 2" squares to finish the 9-patches to make it all "match".


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Suzy Quilter said...

What a cute wallhanging. It looks very Thimbleberries. Is it? :o)