Friday, September 12, 2008

Sewing Again...Yippee!!

After a bit of sewing this morning, this is how I plan to lay out my Fall Festival's second pieced border. I am 3 flying geese short of a gaggle. I just picked random golds to piece the bulk of them, but now I'll be a bit more selective so I get a colorwash effect from light to dark. All the flying geese on the left with be "flying" north. This picture was the best I could do. I am in the process of redesigning my sewing room. I hope to have a bigger design wall in there at some point. This was taken in my 3 boys' room with me on tiptoe hoping the quilt was in the camera window. I couldn't tell because I was holding the camera above my head.

Why the sewing spree, you might ask?? Three reasons...Elisabeth is driving folks to work in Kings Mountain, and she is doing all my errands. The third reason is that I am too sick to go to Curves (I'd be wheezing and gasping for breath in minutes...even more than usual...for different reasons). I hope to go tomorrow, however.

Now it's nap time! I'm worn plum out. Back later!


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