Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Two of My Teens on the Road

This is James in the parking lot of the DMV letting Elisabeth know he also has his driver's license. James is older than Elisabeth. He has been so patient about getting his license. He has been riding his bicycle to work for the past year plus. I have never heard him complain about it. Now he can drive, which will save us from having to pick him up after dark. Not that *I* am complaining about that. It is a joy to have a son like James. I've enjoyed chatting with him after I get to Arby's while he eats supper. When one has eight children, having one of them alone is rare!


momtofatdogs said...

We still have both DD's on our insurance, don't be surprised at the hike you'll see. When we still had my stepson on our insurance it was MORE than it is now with 4 drivers & 4 cars! and when he was on it, there were only 3 of each....I don't know why insurance companies do that...reckon it's because they can?
Congradulations to James! Another milestone!

MARCIE said...

Oh my, teenage drivers! Well that accounts for the huge smile on his face! Congrats to both your kids and happy belated birthday to you! I love that dessert, by the way.

The Mom said...

They have gotten so much older and bigger since I first saw their pictures.