Friday, September 12, 2008

Fourth Side of Border is On!!

Here is my Fall Festival quilt top finished except for the outer green border. After the outer green border it will measure 61" x 73", a nice size for a couch throw.

Tomorrow I need to alter a suit for my oldest son and hem a jumper for my youngest daughter, so this quilt will have to wait until those things are finished. Often people have asked me how I "get it all done" with eight children at home and home schooling. I think I know what they're asking. Just for the record, I never get it ALL done. Daily things are left unfinished or not tackled at all. But I do tend to finish the last tasks I need to do first when there is a solid deadline like the suit for church Sunday. I'll do that first tomorrow since it has to be done by Sunday AM. Last week I did alterations on one of my other son's suits and got it finished minutes before he had to put in on for Sunday AM. A little too close for comfort for me :)

My DH is (hopefully) finishing part of a remodeling project tomorrow, so I will stay down and iron clothes and hopefully finish the suit and this quilt top. He is making a new door into our boys' room and closing in the 2 sets of double bi-fold doors that formerly were their doors. This will give us more wall space in the sewing/school room as well as make the boys' room more functional.

The quilt has turned out even nicer than I had hoped it would. Fall is my favorite season, and I love anything with pumpkins on it. It would be great to get out some of my fall quilts and decorations. I'll try to share some of them here in pictures. It just dawned on me that I didn't have a blog last fall.

Off to enjoy some family time...I think I'll make popcorn (free from Harris Teeter--hi, Bette!) since we are watching a movie.



Tazzie said...

How fun that I'm not the only one doing strange yoga like positions to get the perfect picture! Your quilt top is looking so nice.

Gypsy Quilter said...

Really a terrific looking quilt! It sounds as if you're feeling better.

MARCIE said...

Beautiful quilt Joan! It is just perfect for fall. Nicely done!