Thursday, March 6, 2008

Why My Plan B Quilt Is Not Quilted and Bound...Yet!

The arrival of anyone, and if they slip past our vigilantes and actually ring the an activity of high-level excitement at any time in our home. This is a scene I have oft seen as a visiting eye-witness in two types of families...those with many children and home-schooling families. As you know by now, we are both. This truck pulled into our driveway amidst cries of "Mommy--it's here! Mommy--it's here!" What is "it", you might be asking yourselves...

"You want it WHERE?" he is thinking (that's me on the right). Another weird thing about me is that I detest/abhor/dislike/hate having my picture taken. I'm just doing this for YOU.

Goodbye truck (exiting to the right), hello, Emily! Emily had been up the street babysitting Emma. She has been called back home. Reinforcements are here! Not that we needed them...yet. WHAT did he leave?? Did he leave enough?

Susanna stands ready, smiling, with dry teeth (because she's been smiling so long), rake in hand. WHAT will she be raking? Is she really looking forward to WORKING?
Come on, move that mountain! A mountain of mulch. Beautiful, brown, rich, moisture-holding mulch. Our natural areas will be beautiful in no time.

More later!

It is so inspiring to me (yes, that is the exact right word) to see families working together, working hard, and enjoying it. So I'll continue later with action shots. We have two huge natural areas that look sooooo much better now. Elisabeth and Susanna encouraged me to take action shots. I'm sure my WH will enjoy seeing them as well as those of you out in blogland.


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