Thursday, March 6, 2008

Plan D??

Just sewed up a few of the dark blocks because now I'm wondering..."is the original light star/dark background block worth the work?" In the picture above, the bottom left block is the original one in the pattern book. If you look at the block on the far right bottom corner and the top middle, notice how the piecing isn't as elaborate as the "original"? I would need to cut and piece 328 of the HST units if I went with the original pattern (that's 656 triangles that finish at 1-1/2" square when pieced). If I employed the same piecing as the other blocks (cream background above), I would save oodles of time. I think it would look marginally nicer done the original way, but would it be worth the extra "oodles" of time? I don't think so, but I can be swayed. What do YOU think? There's a POLL for you to vote at the top left of the blog page if you wish. It will be there a week.


Lasagna said...

I have to admit - I like the original a whole lot more. Does it really take a whole lot more time? I was thinking you could speed piece the rows (squares, then square-square-HST-HST-square-square) etc. etc.

Michelle said...

I like the original better in the dark doesn't seem to matter much on the light blocks. Either way, it's going to look great! Love your blog...been reading for a while, but don't think I've ever commented. Thimbleberries is a favorite of mine too!