Thursday, March 6, 2008

FRESH Bread ~ Baked Daily on the Premises

Here are some of the fruits (well, loaves) of Susanna's labor of yesterday. She is 13. S-n-i-f-f... can you smell the aroma of those fragrant loaves? We mill our own flour from fresh wheat, and this bread is scrumptious, plus packed with great nutrition and fiber.

The sign on my very red kitchen wall (are you catching on that I sometimes still can't believe I painted the walls that color?) is a score from a yard sale several years ago by daughter Elisabeth. Very fitting in a kitchen that bakes bread nearly daily.



Lasagna said...

That looks wonderful! I want to get a grain mill attachment for my stand mixer, but haven't budgeted for it yet. Where do you get your grain?


Jeanne said...

Mmmmmmmmm. The loaves look delicious! There seems to be a lot of bread baking in blogland lately.

Libby said...

Mmmm - I'm thinking a baking a loaf or two today, too. Love the red *s*

Liberty Star Farm said...

The loaves look delicious!

Is your bread kneaded by hand or do you use a mixer with a dough hook? Do you have a bread machine or are you baking it in the oven?

Any tips you can share with someone who has only baked a loaf or two, would be greatly appreciated.

Have a wonderful day!

Kairle said...

Yummmmm! I've been thinking about making some whole wheat bread lately, but cheated and bought some from a local bakery instead. I've got the wheat and the mill...just haven't had the time (not to mention that I've been sick this week). Okay...enough excuses. Today for sure!

BTW, Soccer Boy bought a bread machine and makes bread in his apartment all the time.