Tuesday, November 28, 2017

{Post 1,558} Parker 2017 Christmas Quilt Top Near Completion

This is patterned after a quilt I saw online somewhere that I liked. Honestly, I don't remember when or where. I drafted my own pattern, and I am quite pleased with how it looks. Tonight I added the first two sides of the outer pieced border. Here is a shot of 1/4 of the quilt top.

I have been busier than a bee lately with painting projects in our house. Most recently, I sanded down and repainted out main bathroom cabinets. I did not take a before of the whole thing (trust me, it was uglier than sin). Multiple coats of paint, some of which had worn down or chipped off, gouges, scratches, and general yuck. The hardware had been right in the center of each door. I filled those holes in with wood putty and got new hardware pulls.  Here is a tiny bit of the before and after. 

I owe a great debt of gratitude to my 3rd daughter who sold me on the beauty of the before and after shots. Here is the after with the glowing bright white paint...

Thankfully, on Thanksgiving Day, one of our guests broke one of the faucets in this bathroom. I say thankfully because ever since we bought this house the double-sink vanity has had two ugly and mismatched faucets. A couple days ago, we went and bought new ones. Miraculously, a few days later, they were installed by my dear husband. This bathroom looks the best it has since we moved in.

On to the next project!!


julieQ said...

Your quilts is just so pretty!! Great job on the painting...I have some of those projects waiting for me too!

Ruth said...

I know what you mean by miraculously!!

Ruth said...

Oh, And I love the quilt!