Thursday, November 30, 2017

{Post 1,559} Lots More Painting Was Goin' On

I recently shared my bathroom cabinet pictures. I am also going to paint all my kitchen cabinets. That's a job that will take eons. We have a desk in the kitchen with 3 drawers and 8 doors in it. The island has 4 doors and 12 drawers. The normal kitchen part has 18 doors and 6 drawers. Do I have anyone's sympathy yet??  I will do it in stages. The bathroom turned out sooooo great that I cannot wait to start the kitchen. There are all the faces to do as well. Baby steps, grasshopper.

This whole painting marathon started with my foyer and then my daughter's formerly grape popsicle room. yes. That was the color. But she lives in the dorm at college during the school year now, so I decided to dive in and paint her room Dover White. Same color as the foyer and hall upstairs. I l-o-v-e that color. Her room is paneled. The first picture is of the panel grooves painted with Kilz.

This is after one coat of Kilz. That grape popsicle just shines through. 

The wall on the right after the second coat of Kilz. Fortunately, by the time I painted 2 coats of Dover White, all was well. My MIL came and helped me. She is a painting ninja. So helpful. We tag teamed so she did not over do it. 

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