Monday, November 13, 2017

{Post 1,557} Now the Cozy

I realized after I published my last post that I neglected to post a picture of my coffee collar/cozy/ice insulator. I am one of those (I suppose) rare people that do not like hot drinks. I might have a hot cocoa once or twice a year. Homemade icees and smoothies are my go-to drinks. Every beverage (even water) should have LOTS of ice. I bought a Magic Bullet to make THM drinks. The cups are single layers of plastic. So when I am enjoying my beverage, I am not enjoying the frosty fingers. Last night I was inspired (since my grandchildren were all home) to make sort of a coffee collar, but to keep from getting frostbite, not burns. This was my first one. I made a second an inch and half longer so that the ends of the collar overlap. I think it turned out well. The band is a covered elastic for ponytails.

The circumference of the cup is huge. It holds 40 oz. I think this will help grip the cup better, too. I could pour it into another glass or cup, but that would mean another thing to wash.

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