Thursday, November 30, 2017

{Post 1,560} Next Painting Phase

After my daughter's room was brilliant Dover White instead of Grape Popsicle, I tackled the kitchen. It was formerly Cut Ruby. My husband agreed, somewhat reluctantly, to let me paint over it as long as I left the working side of the kitchen red. He went away on business for nearly two days, and I was determined to finish it before he got home. I just made it. I painted all the trim, baseboard,and crown molding as well. I was pooped when it was finished. Two coats of Kilz and two coats of DW. Whew. But what a transformation. Our kitchen is huge.

Same corner, before and after. By the time I got the 2nd coat of paint on it, it was dusk.

Here's part of the whole room in a collage. I hadn't put all the stuff away yet. I was just excited to have the painting finished.

It has been interesting to see and hear people's reactions. While the red was well loved, I like the DW better. The furniture and decor just pop. I love it. So glad it is finished. I am lobbying to do the rest of the room that is red, but one battle at a time.

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