Saturday, March 15, 2014

{Post 1,335} Red Door Looks Pink

Hmmm...something fishy happened between the paint chip and the roller.  The paint I picked out at the store was a dark red, like my kitchen.  This looks more pink.  But it is finished, which is more important than a particular shade, right?  Just like a quilt that took a long time but didn't turn out just like we had hoped.  Finished is good!!

Very little left to do on the room.  We've had a heavy week with illness, emotional crises, and work.  But the end is in sight, even though we didn't get as much finished today as we would have liked.  A tad more touch-up painting for me and one more coat of poly on the mantle and hearth.  

Wes has to put the closet system in the hall closet and install the ceiling fan in the room.  The window will be replaced, but it is not in yet...special order.

So glad we could afford to make this special place for my very special daughter and grandson-to-be.

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Kath said...

I'm sorry I had to smile. My husband bought paint for his office, which he hoped would be a soft caramel- when it was on the walls it looked like cat poo!!