Thursday, March 20, 2014

{Post 1,336} Gi...'s what's piled on the bed.  My oldest 3 children have karate classes at least twice a week.  Gi (pronounced with a hard "G" like in "get") are their outfits...jackets and pants.  I have 18 pieces to hem before Monday.  A few need to be done for Saturday.  As in the day after tomorrow Saturday.  I have a hemming service for their dojo ("place of learning").

I told my husband I'd have to set up a sweat shop in the kitchen where the lighting is better.  He came up with the lighting in the first picture.  I am happy to say that gi #1 is nearly finished!  I might be able to piece in this light!!  Many more gi to go though!

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Ruth said...

No problem for a fast sewer like you! Your sewing area looks good.