Friday, January 31, 2014

{Post 1,319} New Set-Up for Sewing Room/Bedroom

I sort of had a brainstorm tonight concerning my new sewing digs.  I really am trying to make the most of this new space.  

When I moved everything to the garage to start the bedroom renovations downstairs, I was realizing that there was a lot that could "go" that I was moving.  These drawers hold a multitude of things.  I will purge them later.  

I had a little ironing board to my right on my L-shaped sewing table.  Usually the serger goes there.  I hardly ever use the serger.  The ironing board was awkward to use.

When I passed through the laundry room earlier today, I saw my big board ironing board that I made back here.  I was wishing I could use that for ironing.  Then my inspiration struck.  I could move up these four 3-drawer cabinets to use for storage and put the ironing board on them.  But, alas, they were too short.  I remember now that when I used it before, the drawers were on our hearth downstairs, bringing it to the perfect height.  

I had two of the metal mesh crates for hanging files that I was this close (picture my thumb and index fingers a centimeter apart) to giving away.  Voila!  They raise the board to the perfect height as well as serving as a "bookshelf" on top of the drawers.  The boxes in between them need to be purged as well.  All in time, grasshopper. 

Soon I will make a curtain to hide the drawers.  It's too much to look at for looks messy.

My computer was moved over to the right of my sewing machine.  I didn't like the desk it was on anyway.  There was so little storage that it wasn't worth the space it took up.

Some good lighting, and soup is on, baby!!


momtofatdogs said...

I had similar storage containers under my cutting table - I found that I needed something rigid to span the top of the drawers so that there was no weight directly in the middle of the drawer. A board from the basement worked for 5 years. (Then I found a dresser that fits under it.)

It looks great so far!


Ruth said...

Looking good! I really like your Singer bedside table and the way your ironing board is so close to your sewing machine. I have to walk around my sewing table to get to the ironing board - very inconvenient. But, I do get some extra exercise, which I need.