Monday, March 31, 2008

Ironing Station Complete

A definite improvement! I wish I had taken "before" pictures. My WH cut out a board from the composite multiple density stuff (I can't remember the official name) and slightly rounded the corners. I ironed (how IRONic) my fabric and laid it down on a long table. Then I placed two layers of 100% cotton batting down, then my board. I was disappointed not to be able to use my "T" is for terrific "batting", but we are going to have that installed around the dishwasher.

I just pulled it taut and stapled it down every 4 inches or so. Below I am doing a corner.

Here is the finished product. It is so much larger than my regular ironing board. I had my shipping boxes in a plastic box on top of the file cabinet. Storing them below lets lots more light (from the sliding glass doors to the right) into the room for some reason.
Here's an action shot. Notice the happy hands.
Pressing my way to happiness,



flygirl said...

IS the mistake ...that you have 3 browns together ??

flygirl said...

Joan, Did you mean that the mistake is the 3 browns together on the outside row..[the right side of the pic...??

flygirl said...

the ironing station looks really have such a large room...

Lynne in Hawaii said...

The ironing station looks terrific! So neat to have such a large ironing surface.

Helen in the UK said...

Oh your ironing station is BRILLIANT! Going to save the picture for inspiration :)