Wednesday, January 29, 2014

{Post 1,314} New Sewing Digs

You know we are under construction here.  I don't think we are going to add on the big room for me to use for a sewing room.  So I thought I was going to have what was our guest room to use as a sewing room.  So I was doing my usual thing when faced with a new room situation.  I had a piece of graph paper marked off with the size of my "new" sewing room.  I had cut out little pieces of fabric to scale and was moving them about in the room.  Then my husband walks over and basically says "That's not going to happen.  Kill your ideas now."  Now he was much nicer than that.  Of course.  But I saw my "dream" going down the drain like so many dirty soap suds.

Here is what I have now.  I realize it's a lot more than many of you have.  It is not a designated sewing space.  In fact, these pictures were taken from my (unmade) bed first thing this morning, from right to left.  But I have room for my design wall, cutting table, and sewing table.  Luxury, right??

Some better lighting, and I'm good as gold!  

Trying to look for the silver lining,


Ruth said...

Good idea to look for the silver lining!

Kath said...

The plus side is, I bet you had a got sort-out and tidy up too :-D

I did exactly the same as you, with the cut out paper furniture, when we moved here. As we were moving from a larger house, I didnt want to lug too-big items across the country only o find there was nowhere for them at this end!