Thursday, January 30, 2014

{Post 1,316} Fireplace and Door

Some more work was done Tuesday night, the night of our big winter storm.  The fireplace is ready for drywall and wood trim, and the sliding glass doors are out and the single exterior door is framed in.  It is coming along quickly.

Isn't it funny that when you see a picture, things strike you that you don't notice in person?  I find this true when I look at a quilt layout picture, room decor, and now in this project.  

The bricks of the fireplace will be exposed for about 10" around the opening.  Do you see how dirty they are?  The inside is horrible, too.  I see a lot of cleanup in my future, as well as some painting inside the opening.  Good thing I got some experience doing that here.  Click on the "fireplace" label to see all the posts surrounding that makeover.  We are going to do some more to it after the bedroom downstairs is finished.  something similar to what is being done to our downstairs fireplace.  Stay tuned!

I am not going to Ohio now to see my sister.  Our plans changed.  So I am finishing up a quilt top for my grandson.  It only lacked one row.  Picture to come later.  I also am doing some clearing up of miscellaneous things in my bedroom/sewing room that just got dumped earlier.

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