Saturday, April 13, 2013

{Post 1,161} 119 Yards of Fabric

Yesterday I received two 30-yard rolls of Hobbs 80/20 batting and this box of Thimbleberries fabric, which contained 119 yards.  Twenty-yard bolts look huge on my fabric shelf next to the ones which contain only a few yards.

I only ordered one bolt of each (there are 20 yards on each bolt).  Somehow I got two of the blue ones.  Shipping costs so much that I won't return it, however.  I see some blue quilt borders and backs in my future!

I used the bright red (3rd from the right) to border my Tree of Life quilt just a few minutes ago.  I am wondering if it is too bright, but it's on there now!

I planned to do a lot of flower garden work today (weeding, leveling, planting, raking), but the pollen count is so high that it will just have to wait.

Pics of my Tree of Life quilt to come later.


Janet O. said...

What fun to open a box filled with such warm and luscious fabrics!

Kath said...

Oh yes,that's my kind of parcel delivery!
I adore that blue, what luck to have gotten 2 bolts!