Sunday, April 7, 2013

{Post 1,157} Wild Geese and Snowballs

I bound, washed, and dried the gift snowball quilt tonight.  Hope to get it in the mail tomorrow.  It's hanging over my quilt frame here.  Moral of the story:  adopt one of my kids and do many, many things for them, and YOU might get a quilt next!

The Quiltmaker magazine has a new scrap pattern by my friend, Bonnie Hunter.  When she started paper piecing these little blocks, there was no pattern, so I drew my own.  I have 100 of the little buggers finished (which will make 25 blocks), so I started laying out a design for them.  Ironically, the magazine came out a few days ago.  I was going to set them w/o sashing strips and put an alternate block made of 4 squares (essentially a 4-patch).  It was too difficult to make them match perfectly with all the thickness of the many seams.  I ripped out the couple I had sewn and added the sashings.  These are 8-1/2" square as they are.

Now I am thinking about putting a wider dark scrappy (or not) sashing between these 4-patch wild geese blocks with a gold cornerstone.  Just an idea I'm throwing around.  I'm about to figure out how large the quilt would be if I do that.


regan said...

Your wild geese blocks are awesome! I drafted the blocks way back when, too, but haven't started making them yet. I just love it all scrappy! I think your sashing and cornerstone idea is perfect! Yay!

Sherrill said...

Love em both...beautiful!

Janet O. said...

The snowball quilt turned out great! I'd love to get a quilt like that, but I have a hard enough time keeping up with my kids and grandkids. Don't think I'll try adopting any of yours. : )
I like the way you have sewn your geese blocks together. In my mind, I think the dark sashing would look good. I'd be interested to see a photo if you try it on your design wall that way.