Monday, April 8, 2013

{Post 1,158} Buying Fabric Online

Well, somebody (cough, cough) might have just ordered 7 bolts of Thimbleberries (and two 30-yard rolls of batting).

I want to start selling fabric online again (I haven't done that for a few years) and need the input of those of you that sew.

Would you be more likely to buy yardage (with you selecting the number of yards), a group of FQ, a "jelly roll", or what?

I have a store on Etsy, but the business for me there is slow.  eBay has always worked well for me, but there is the time limit.  Which one do you buy from more frequently if ever?  

The last time I was at a fabric store (if you're thinking "why do you go to a fabric store when you have over 100 bolts of fabric at your HOUSE?" you're not alone) the fabrics were $9-11 a yard.  What in the world??  It made me eager to start selling the fabric I already have again.  

Eager for your input.


~Kristie said...

I like when sellers offer fabric by the half yard and will cut a continuous length if multiple quantities are purchased at once. This allows me to buy for borders.

Will you be offering older Thimbleberries fabrics? I'm looking for some specific ones to complete kits from past patterns...

Ruth said...

I don't buy much fabric on line, but wanted to make a suggestion for your Etsy shop. When you post an item for sale it appears on the Etsy front "page" for a short time. I find that not posting items all at once, but spreading it out over the day or several days and especially in the evening during weekdays, gives you more exposure. Since I have been doing this, I get more "traffic" to my shop. I'm not really fond of the auction method of purchasing for fabric. It is fine for some things and I buy stuff from ebay every now and then, but I don't think I've ever bought fabric there. I am usually pinching my pennies, so I don't want to pay the regular price of $11 plus shipping. Of course, if it is something that I can't find in a shop, yes I would pay extra. I don't just buy yardage or FQs, and I rarely buy cut fabrics - except maybe charm squares. Of course, I have lots of places around here where I can buy fabric, so for people who don't have access to shops, Ebay or Etsy is perfect.

Janet O. said...

I rarely buy fabrics online, unless I need something specific that I can't find locally. I have purchased fabric from an Etsy shop once, and on ebay a couple of times, but only on "Buy it Now". I, too, prefer 1/2 yard increments with continuous longer lengths, if needed.

momtofatdogs said...

Fat Quarters & Yardage.

I am REALLY rural, even 30miles west of Nashville. So I do LOT of on-line shopping


Kath said...

I like fat Q's and other peoples scraps!