Tuesday, April 9, 2013

{Post 1,159} Block Comparison

I continue to work on these Wild Geese blocks.  Being the scrap generator, there are always more pieces to work into the blocks.  Plus, I'm thinking of using one of the soon-to-arrive bolts for sashing, so no hurry on those.  Now that I've decided to go the sashing route vs. the alternate block route, I have to piece more blocks anyways.  Not.  A.  Problem.

This morning I made up one of these blocks for a Christmas present for someone.  I think they're called Charming Squares or something like that.  It is a Moda free pattern.  You can find it here.  

The Wild Goose block is 8" square.  The Charming Squares one is 14".  The smaller one is sooooo many more pieces and seams, but I love the smaller ones.  The larger ones have their charm, but it's the tiny pieces that stir my interest.

After some deliberation yesterday, I put a few more items in my Etsy store.  A set of 10 cream Thimbleberries FQs and a starter kit for Kitty Cat Charm.  I will be putting new stencils and books in there soon as well.  I think I'll give it the rest of the year and then go back to eBay if this doesn't work out.  there are advantages to both sites.  My store name is ShelbyStitcher.  You can get there from this link.

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