Thursday, November 1, 2012

{Post 1,086} Christmas Quilt in Place

This morning when hubby and I made the bed, I remembered that he wanted to put our Christmas quilt on November first.  Happy November!

Gonna hafta do something about those pillow shams.  The red behind them are our regular pillow cases.  Even if they were the right size, I am not liking the dark cream.  It's one of my favorite Thimbleberries creams, but it just looks weird.  Maybe something green would be better?  That's my plan!



Michelle said...

That's funny...I was just remembering you talking about whether to put your Christmas quilt out and thinking I can't wait to put mine out too. (I'm at a retreat) I think I'll put mine out this weekend too! I'm going to need to do something about pillow cases/shams as well. :)

Janet O. said...

I think my DH would sleep on the sofa if I put our Christmas quilt on already. : )
Looks great. The green pillow shams would certainly top it of well!

Leeanne said...

lovely, I agree you need darker pillow shams too.

Teresa said...

A beautiful Christmas quilt! Have you considered putting some smaller red or Christmas pillows. A splash of color may be all it needs.