Monday, October 29, 2012

{Post 1,082} Grapevine Lightning Bolt

Purely for your amusement, I am sharing the picture of my grapevine lightning bolt in our newly updated (somewhat) bathroom.  I wanted a random shape that was not round.  This usually hangs above the robe/PJ bar to the left of my sink.  Hahahahaha:

I hung it with an easily removable Command hook that was very tiny.  It's too much brown and not enough substance.  I still like it in the long, thin space above the hanging bar though.  Back it will go.  I like the things I've collected/bought, so I like to "shop my own house" when I'm looking for a decoration.

FWIW, I'm also going to paint the light fixture with oil-rubbed bronze paint.  We will probably put in other light fixtures above each mirrored cabinet at some point, but to make it less BRIGHT BRASS, I am going to paint it.  The thing is, it got soooo cold yesterday that I think it's too cold to paint in the garage.  I am going to give it a try anyway, and use a space heater until it's dry.  I'd like to do that tomorrow, but we'll see.  Time will tell!  I will paint the hinges on the cabinet below the sinks at the same time.  The knobs are a combination of very little brushed brass and ORB finish, so I'm going to leave them as is.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Joan! Long time, eh? Nice work on the bathroom! I have been reading your blog, but have been more of a lurker. I have actually sewn this week too! It is nice to catch up on my hobby once in a while. I hope you are well!