Sunday, October 28, 2012

{Post 1,081} Bathroom Finished But Needs Decor

Our bathroom is finished for now, but is in need of some decor for between the mirrors.  I thought a wreath would be lovely, but since the mirrors are oval, that would be repeating the shape too much.  Any suggestions?  I love dried flowers, grapevine wreaths, quilts (haha--who would've guessed?), etc.

I might move our two wedding pics in there with some wall words or something.  These are above the headboard of our bed, but might look nice in the bathroom:

You can see on the right side of the bathroom pic a little of my new valance (in the reflection in the right mirror, too).



momtofatdogs said...

A floral wreath would repeat the shape but a swag or enlongated arrangement wouldn't....another towel holder wouldn't do it becasue you already have 2 of those. Hmmm.....might take some thought & "living with it" for a bit to decide!


Ruth said...

Maybe a candle in some kind of sconce along with flowers?