Wednesday, October 31, 2012

{Post 1,084} Where, O Where Did theBrass Light Fixture Go?

Where o where did the light fixture go?  O where, o where could it be?  In the garage, drying after being spray painted oil-rubbed bronze to match the mirror frames!  I put a space  heater next to it and am rotating it, so it's nearly dry!  Yippee!

Please note the burn marks on the ceiling from the 8 light bulbs in the fixture.  They will soon be gone...maybe even today!  But most likely before the weekend.  I have been reading horror stories about painting on an old popcorn ceiling (which is what this is), but I'm going to put paintbrush in hand and hope for the best!


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momtofatdogs said...

Instead of using a "real" brush, maybe use one of those sponge brushes & dab at it, not rub or stroke? You might consider watering down the paint too....One time (many, many years ago) my Mother forogot to open the flu on the chimney & got smoke marks up the front of the chimney & on the popcorn ceiling. For lack of $$ she used white shoe polish & dabbed at the popcorn ceiling!! it worked!