Monday, September 17, 2012

{Post 1,056} Green Hexagons

Here is a little runner I whipped up tonight.  The "try this new technique" bug bit after I saw the cover quilt on the newest Quilt Sampler.  Since I just hand-pieced a hexagon quilt, I was interested to see "how" it was done by machine. 

As I perused the magazine, I saw that the template for the hexagon measured 6" across!!!!!  I use such small pieces (often finished 1" squares or 1-1/2" HST) that those looked like dinner plates to me!  I still wanted to give it a whirl, but didn't want to cut out the hexagons.  

Way back when I first started selling on eBay I made an acquaintance with a man who was making plexiglass extension tables for sewing machines to enlarge the machine quilting area.  He got a lot of info from me as we emailed back and forth.  I suggested that since he had the tools for cutting the lucite/plexiglass stuff that he make some quilting templates.  So, to make a long story short if it isn't too late already, he made me a couple sets of hexagons and accompanying triangles for I spy type quilts.

I looked in my I spy stash drawer, and lo, and behold, there they were!!  I had a gigantic one and the one I used for the runner, which measures 4" from flat side to flat side.

I have quilted it and have the binding sewn to the front.  I just may finish the binding tomorrow, and then I'll show you a pic from the front.  Turns out that this method is soooo easy to do!  I would like to make a bed-sized quilt or a large throw down the road with the larger template that I have.  this was enough to show me that I would like it.  I quilted 6-petaled flowers on it.  Susie said they looked like sand dollars.  And they do!

~Joan, who was the surprised recipient of these (my favorite flower) tonight when my Susie got home from work.


julieQ said...

Love those hexies! If you ave a minute, look at the very last pattern in that magazine from
Lone star house of quilts...that is my quilt shop!!

Ruth said...

I just purchased that magazine too - mainly because one of my favorite shops is featured - the Lone Star House of Quilts! I wonder if JulieQ works there or just shops there. Anyway, I saw that hexie pattern, but didn't really read it to see how big the hexies were. I can't wait to see yours!