Tuesday, September 18, 2012

{Post 1,057} Calendar Quilt

I had another apprentice over tonight.  Amber helps my husband and I teach 2- and 3-year-olds in our church Sunday school program.  She is a single college student who lives about 15 minutes away.  I told her she could invite herself over any time and suggested Tuesdays as a good day for me.  So she invited herself over tonight (that only took 2 days to happen!).  We were texting the past couple days, and I asked her if she'd be interested in learning how to piece and quilt.  She said YES!! 

So tonight she picked out a pattern for a table runner (which is a great size to start and FINISH for a first project).  She got all the pieces cut out and pieced most of the blocks.  It is a relatively simple pattern, but she is soooo excited to be making it!  In the excitement of the session, I neglected to take any pictures.  Maybe next time!

I also mostly finished the September month by month quilt. I relinquished my sewing machine to Amber when she arrived.  Another 10 minutes, and I would have had it completely finished.  Here it is so far:

I just need to zigzag around the "T" and the swirl on the apple.  Cute!



Janet O. said...

Love that little "Sept." block. Very fun!! Good of you to mentor a new quilter.

Valerie said...

Your sense of humor amazes me! Jogger, for sure! Love it! : ) It's beautiful, BTW. And the Sept. block is so cute! How do you choose the theme for the blocks?