Thursday, September 20, 2012

{Post 1,058} Northern Comfort Well Under Way

The Northern Comfort quilt is nearly finished.  I ordered some channel locks for my HandiQuilter and hope they get here soon.  I might wait for them and do a straight line about 1-1/2" apart in the outer border.  I'd like to master a twirl design, too.  The border fabric is busy, so that would be a good place to practice.

Here is the stencil I stitched in the tan blocks and my Quilt Pounce, which is great for marking the stencils on a quilt already on the machine.  The things on the left are the tension clamps.  So very handy!

I learn something new each time I use the HandiQuilter.  Since I was leaving the outside border for last, I thought I'd just baste around the whole edge of the quilt.  Well, that failed, and I ended up having to rip it all out.  It wasn't terribly difficult or time-consuming, but I thought that would make it easier and was disappointed.

But, all's well that ends well.  I will probably practice the twirl design on my dry erase board tomorrow and quilt the black border with that.  The fabric is busy enough to hide boo boos, and I'll do the spaced lines some other time.


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Leeanne said...

Woohoo!! fabulous!! I have never tried pounce, what is it like?