Saturday, August 4, 2012

{Post 1,028} 24 Floral String Blocks

A friend came over to make a Twister runner today.  I let her use my sewing machine, so I did not sew as much as I might have otherwise.  I didn't want to run my HandiQuilter while she was there because it's so noisy.  

So after I cleaned up the whole house just for her arrival, I sewed floral strings until she was ready to use my sewing machine.  While she sewed I ripped paper off the blocks that were already finished and trimmed.  Now I just need to sew about 1/3 of 12 more blocks to have them all finished. This is indeed a beautiful quilt.  I am sewing all 12, adding one strip to each one, in a row.  

At first I thought I should have made the black strips wider, and out of something with more interest than the solid black I used.  Now I'm lovin' it!

My husband and 3 of my children will be home tomorrow.  They have a very long drive ahead of them.  Left Wisconsin (northern WI) at 5 this evening.  Meant to get off earlier, but something must have held them up.

Good night!


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Anonymous said...

It's looking great, Joan.
Hugs. Audrey