Friday, August 3, 2012

{Post 1,027} A Surprise Started

There is a dear elderly widow in my church that loves flowers.  She has given me several of my favorite plants in our natural area out front.  

I have been machine quilting last night and this AM and have learned the hard way that I can't keep doing that like the Energizer bunny, or I'll pay for it in back and shoulder pain the next day (s).  Only this much more to go on my wreath quilt (about 3 more feet of batting showing, so I must be close to the end!):

So as I took a break from machine quilting today, I started a set of 8" string blocks for my friend, Mrs. H.  I used widely-colored strings from my watercolor quilt stash.  The same fabrics that I used for my Florabunda quilt.  

Here are my flocks so far.  In this photo, the paper is still on the backs, so they don't stick flat to the design wall.

My son, Luke, saw them and said they look like stained glass.  I suppose they do from a distance.  I used a 1" cut black strip for the center diagonally of each block.  I love the ease and mindlessness of sewing strings.


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