Wednesday, August 1, 2012

{Post 1,024} Squares Surrounded Center Pieced!

Here is Squares Surrounded, with the entire center pieced.  I am nearly out of the brightish blue I am using for the alternate squares.  What I'd like to do at this point is plan out the blue for an inner border, using every last inch most likely.  Then I'll put on a pieced border of some type out of shirts.  I might make it a string border.  I love sewing strings.  My string box keeps filling as I trim my shirts down anyway.  I am going to make pillow shams out of strings as well.  

This measures 72" x 86" now.  My two design walls are not the same height, so it looks like part of the left side of the quilt is missing.  It just fell down behind the edge of the wall.  I'm grateful for what I have!

How is it possible to love every quilt one makes more than the one before??  I was making this quilt just to use up some of the small pieces of shirting fabrics I have, but I like it so much that I'm going to make it into a bed quilt to use for our bedroom.

My sewing time is going to be slowing down here soon.  I think it would be best to finish the fall and Christmas quilts I already have under way before I work on this one any more.  I'll fold it up and tuck it away (meanwhile sewing strings onto foundations as leader/enders).  

Here's a picture of the top right corner and the upper border, as they are now.  I'm thinking a thin (1-1/2" or less) inner border of the same blue and a string-pieced outer border.

The blue has a faint stripe running through the background.  Just so you know, my OCD kicked in, and all the stripes are running the same direction.

~Joan, who prefers CDO (alphabetical, as it should be!)

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