Monday, July 16, 2012

{Post 1,009} GFG Hand Quilting Beginning

This AM I had to take Rachel to the orthodontist.  What a sacrifice!  I wanted to get a couple rows quilted on my Grandmother's Flower Garden wall hanging to see if I really liked my thread and design choice.  

My hexagons are 1" on each side (finished), and the rows of quilting are 7/8" apart.  Here are pictures with flash and without.  I did 1-1/2 rows the opposite direction of the others so I could get a sample of the "grid" pattern that will run diagonally across the quilt.

I toyed with the idea of quilting inside each hexagon 1/4" to accentuate the hexagons, but I like the way Natasha's quilt looked after it was quilted.  That purple flower is such a lovely hue with the green background, don't you think?

~Joan, who is off to photograph a new project started yesterday



Anonymous said...

Looking good so far! The colors work so well together! I also love your green background fabric!

Leeanne said...

Mmmmm hand quilting!LOVELY!

Ruth said...

The hand quilting looks wonderful! And I like your maple leave table runner too. Good idea to streamline the piecing of the leaves.