Friday, July 20, 2012

{Post 1,015} Twister Magic

I really like the mini Twister ruler.  As I was cleaning up/decluttering my sewing room, I found a charm pack of 5" squares from who knows where.  Perfect size for a mini Twister quilt.  Last night I laid out the squares and sewed the center together.  This AM I added a complimentary dark cream/caramel border, cut and resewed the squares.  This will be the first new wall quilt for my sewing room.

After cutting but before resewing:

After resewn (21-1/2" square):

Have to go do a few errands, but will border this and hopefully get it quilted when I get home.  Will be in the car for 9 hours tomorrow and 9 hours on Sunday, and hope to be sewing the binding on this by hand while I sit.


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